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International Pet Relocation

Pet Relocation

Many people complain that they had to turn down promising job opportunities because of the thought that they may have to leave their pets behind while moving to a different city. Active Freight Logistics (P) Ltd. – India is here to support you with International Pet Relocation in India if you are one among them. If you plan to move to a different city & country with your pet, look no further for secure and dependable transport for your pet.

We ensure timely relocation and have collaborated with trusted agencies to ensure a smooth transition. We also provide pet relocation services during your temporary travels. Our team will take care of all the hassle of the required paperwork for the relocation of your pet, in addition to making sure that your pet is safe and does not face any inconvenience.

Door-to-door services: We ensure that your pet is taken safely from the location provided to the airport and from the airport to where the pet should reach. We understand your worries as a pet parent and promise to keep your pet babies secure and comfortable.

How do we work?

Most Important Pet Moving Tips for Owners

For those who are planning or are moving their pets to the new place here are a few of the important things that would help them in undergoing the process in safe order.

Make a Moving Plan Considering Pets: As you are all set to move to a new place with your pet, so you should make a moving plan accordingly. This is necessary for you to make a moving scenario keeping into consideration your pets. If you are moving to a long-distance, how the pet would be transported there, what about food arrangements, and things like these have to be decided beforehand.

Prepare Identity Collar with Contact Details: If you are hiring a pet relocation company for the process then you would need to do some important favours for your pet. Prepare a pet identity collar with the updated collar details, this would help you to identify your pet if it gets lost in similar ones.

Check about the Guidelines for Pets at New Location: The new place where you would be transporting your pet is pet-friendly. Is your pet breed allowed there? Well, these are a few of the things that you should check beforehand in order to stay on the safer side.

Consult Vet for Vaccinations if Required: Consulting your vet with regards to your pet move and about the vaccinations that would be required if transporting to a longer distance, is also one of the important things you should do. If you can manage to have a reference from your vet of a good vet at the new place then also it would favour you in the long run.

Our Services

International Pet Transport

International Pet Relocation
We get it your life is incomplete without your fuzzy friends and we make beyond any doubt simply can travel with your pet wherever you go. We convey your pets to you wherever you need them, anyplace within the globe.
We will take all the work out of your hands with the greatest care and responsibility.
Pet Boarding

Pet Boarding

Our experienced and proficient group of pet specialists is committed to ensuring an inviting vibe for your pets to appreciate. We moreover offer customized services (Best Pet Boarding Administrations) for your pets as per any of their special needs.

We know Your Pet Is An Important Part Of Your Family

Kindly follow the below guideline for measuring the pet

Note: – It is ideal to have two people to measure the dog. One person holds a treat near the dog’s nose without feeding him/her (this way you can control the movement of the dog) while the second person measures the dog. Make sure the dog is on a leash. Mention the unit used to measure the pet – inches/cms.

If you could share these measurements we can derive the appropriate crate size for your pet.

Pet Relocation Check List